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Ayun oh...
Monday, June 18, 2007 ~ 1:57 PM

Noong isang Linggo, yung lalaking katabi ko habang nagsisimba, umiiyak nang in denial. Nagpupunas siya ng luha habang kinakanta ang Agnus Dei. Ayaw ipahalatang umiiyak siya. Naramdaman ko kung gaano siya kataimtim manalangin noong mga oras na iyon. Kaya ang idinasal ko na lang, sana ganoon din ako.

Kilala ko ang lalaking iyon. Kilala rin siya ng mga taong madalas sa simbahan. Sa katunayan, maski 'yung pari na nagmimisa kilala siya. Alam ng mga taong masiyahin ang lalaki, kaya siguro in denial siya sa pag-iyak. Syempre, alam ko ring masiyahin siya at palabiro. Napansin ko nga ang laki ng ipinayat niya at hindi na gaanong nagbibiro. Pero itinatago. Denial King.

Sa kauna-unahang pagkakataon, nakita kong umiyak ang tatay ko.

Naalala ko tuloy noong ang unang job interview ko. Hindi ko inaasahan ang unang tanong na ipinukol niya sa akin. Describe your father. Ma-pride. (oo jama sa kanya ko namana yun hehe) Ma-pride siya pero wala namang trabaho. Noong bata ako, ikinaiinis ko na wala siyang trabaho dahil alam kong kung meron, hindi sana ipinangutang ang ipinampaaral ko at mabibili sana namin lahat ng gusto naming magkakapatid. Ngayong may isip na ako, laking pasasalamat ko at walang trabaho ang tatay ko. Dahil siya ang nagpalaki sa akin at nagturo ng lahat ng dapat kong malaman.

At nasabi ko na ba na tatlong taon pa lang ako ay nagbabasa na ako ng diretso at nakakasulat na ako dahil tinuruan ako ng tatay ko? At tatlong taong gulang din ako nang sumabak sa paaralan at naging second honor noong taon ding iyon?

Yes, people of the Philippines, I am my father's biggest fan. Para sa akin, siya ang pinakamatuwid na tao sa mundo. Sa tuwing magdedesisyon ako, lagi kong iniisip, kung sakaling ang tatay ko ang nasa katayuan ko, ano kaya ang gagawin niya. At iyon ang gagabay sa akin.

Pakiramdam ko nga noong maggawad ang Diyos ng mga ama, paborito kaming magkakapatid. Walang bisyo, loyal, mabait, nakikinig sa amin at hindi iniisip na binabastos namin siya kapag nagpapahayag kami ng opinyon, maka-Diyos, atbp. Everyone may claim that his is the world's greatest/best father. I am not contesting that. Kami na lang siguro ang world's luckiest daughters. Hahaha!

Happy Fathers Day, Erpat. I love you.

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Pang-wala lang
Tuesday, April 24, 2007 ~ 11:03 AM

Saw Gloc9's music video, Lando, which features Francis M. And I also saw familiar Thomasian faces - Nerisa Guevarra, Angelo Suarez, and Lourd de Veyra - guest stars.

Francis M still rocks.


Looking forward to our summer getaway in Tagaytay. :)

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Monday, March 26, 2007 ~ 2:55 AM

Here's a mini-chronicle of my Davao expedition. Pardon the euphoria. :D


Where have you been? adet

I've been to Davao. Woohoo! No longer a plane virgin. And it is one of the best trips ever. I'll be posting my pix soon.

It was... breath-takingly magnificent. The flight going there was two-hours delayed, but serendipity it is, for I was able to witness how beautiful Manila is from above. And before landing, I gazed out the window just to marvel at the coconut trees below and the blue sparkling waters of Davao Gulf. Nature at its best.

Indeed, at its very best. The next day, we went to Mati, Davao Oriental, a place in the world na walang signal. It was a four-hour trip, and en route are winding, uphill roads and plantations of coconut and banana. The hectares (pardon the understatement) of coconut trees reminded me of the Coco Levy Fund, whatever happened to it. Now going back, from Mati, we had another sixty-minute drive to Dahikan, the Paradise. Yellowish white sand, crystal clear waters, towering coconut trees… everything is so virginal. Yes, it is Eden.

We spent the night there, in Mayet’s family’s rest house. The waves were singing their lullabies as the cool breeze enters our window (the window does not have anything in it, just a plain hole in the wall). It was a peaceful slumber, even though Farah, my other friend, would like to put garlic by the window pane to shoo away bad spirits. XD

Dawn in the beach turned out to be a spectacle. With the sun slowly waking up from the east, everything is perfect. And as if the scenery is not yet enough to feast on, Mayet’s father bought a surgeonfish (Dory, Nemo’s friend) freshly caught from the sea, and had it grilled for a sumptuous and luxurious breakfast. It was a nice way to break away temporarily from Manila’s bangus and tilapia. Where, here in Manila, can you buy a Dory for Php50???

Right after breakfast we jumped in the boat and journeyed for another seventy five minutes, admiring the green, sometimes blue, waters underneath, and feasting our eyes on the coral reefs. We were brought to an islet, where no one lives, to indulge ourselves with the beach. It’s as if we rented an island. I swam with the fishes, marked the sand with my footprint, tried to build sand castles… I was like a kid. Hahahaha!!

It’s like no other place in the world. It was just tough luck that I did not see a pawikan, or else I could’ve gone nuts. XD

When we boarded the plane back to Manila, Davao was still at its finest. Despite the drizzling rain, I saw how splendid it is during the night, with its street lights illuminating the entire city. I promised myself I’ll be back someday, with someone, so that I won’t miss her too bad. #

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Monday, February 26, 2007 ~ 12:25 PM

Guess what? 6 Cyclemind revived one of my most favorite songs.

At napapost ako dahil dun. Amp. If you can't, at least, be at par, wag na lang.


Oplan K750i ako this week.Ü

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My Newest Addiction
Saturday, February 10, 2007 ~ 7:00 PM

Presenting my newest addiction... E-Games' Audition.

Reminds me of my old school Bust-A-Groove, with Shorty, Capoiera, Kitty N, Hero, and my favorite Heat. God knows how I loved this PS game.

I strongly recommend this game to everyone.


Best wishes to my Ate, na kakakasal lang kanina. Congrats. I'm wishing you the best there is.Ü


Can't say much. Anemic yata ako e. Kinailangan ko lang samahan ang utol ko sa Internetan.

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Just for the Sake of Posting
Friday, December 29, 2006 ~ 8:42 PM


That's the one helluva word that can describe my year. Hehe. 2006 has been so breath-takingly awesome. Lovelife has been great. Going stronger despite the challenges. Workplace has been generous. Friends have dramatically increased. Formed new bonds. Found new tols. Visited never-been places. Jumped over tall barriers (school, Nanay's health condition, financial difficulties). Conquered legends.

Could not ask for more.


Welcome the year with a bang.

Before the year ends, I would like to:
~ visit another new place such as Davao
~ bring Pag-ibig to some place (if God permits)
~ buy a new phone
~ be the floor's youngest supervisor

New Year resolution will be more time for my blog, my writings, myself, and my lovelife. And to start of, I'll be in Rizal on January 2 to 3. Mwehehe!


When I count my blessings, I count you first.

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Updates! Updates!
Wednesday, November 22, 2006 ~ 4:30 PM

Hello! Adet buhay ka pa ba?!

Mwahaha! I'm still alive. Well, though I don't blog as often as before, and though I wanna post here as often as I want to, it seems that I can't find time to do so. My freaking workplace, what an irony 'cause we're so attached to computers but they don't have access to blogspot. Crap crap. So that means I just have my rest days to surf the Net.


Anyways, nothing's new (except for an MP3 and a Friendster account). At least there were updates. But generally, nothing's really new. I still have 5-7 hours of sleep daily. (If you're wondering where the F are the remaining of my 24 are: 4 of those I spent on the road, 9 in the workplace, 3 waiting for the sun, 1 eating breakfast.) Hehe.

I miss everyone. Thomasian community!!! And my Koibito.

I'll just try to post as often as I can.


Superb. Flawless.

We simply underestimated Manny Pacquiao by our fearless forecast that the trilogy will end in the second half of the fight. It turned out, that was merely a sparring session. What a power-packed arsenal. Three rounds. If I watched the fight in the mall, where they had it at P500, what a waste it could have been.


Hey anyone, I wanna pass an entry to Dapitan. Who can help me?? Thanks thanks!!

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